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Albert (Axel)

Albert is a small Medium Weight 11 kg .Height 44 cm .with Fleece coat. Colour chocolate.With white markings.Green Eyes.Brown nose.

Pure AL

Alaeu no. 2949

Born on 02.15.2014 in Denmark

Coming from Vejgaards Labradoodles

Mother: Rosa Father: Leo


HD/Hips: OFA Excellent.

AD/ Elbows: OFA Normal.

Patella: OFA Normal-Practitioner.

PRA: Normal/Clear.

Von Willebran: type 1 Normal.

PRA: Normal.

IC: Clear.

DM. Normal.

Eye test: 11.06.2015 Without remarks.

Semencollection and evaluation:

Volumen: 1,5 ml 2.fraction Colour: white Motility: 95% progressive motile spz Concentration/ml: 316 mill Concentration, total: 474 mill Morphology: 90% normal spz, 2% microcephali, 3% agrosomedefects, 1% double head, 1 % swollen midtpiece, 3% taildefects Semenquality: excellent.


Albert . Is available for a limited number of authorized Australian Labradoodle. Kontakt us for pairing agreement . on aulabradoodle@gmail.com